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Wealth Management

Let’s take better care of your investments so they’ll take better care of you.

Accumulating and managing wealth takes persistence, focus, and patience. It’s a long-term journey requiring much of your time and attention. Like most of our clients, we know investing isn’t your life and your time is precious. That’s where we come in.

In conjunction with our Individual Financial Consulting service, or as a stand-alone consultation, we’ll guide you through the process by identifying your investment goals and crafting a portfolio customized to your situation.

Our Wealth Management process is about helping you balance risk with reward. One always accompanies the other, so we’ll work together to determine your optimal risk level and construct a diversified portfolio that helps manage that risk while seeking long-term returns.

As an independent advisor, Summit Group of Virginia has access to numerous investment resources to ensure our clients are provided the most appropriate strategy, including:

  • Fee-based (non-commission) portfolios
  • Access to institutional, investment strategists
  • Institutionally-priced mutual funds and ETFs
  • Customized portfolios of individual stocks and bonds

Our disciplined approach to Wealth Management is built on trust, transparency, industry knowledge, and investment experience. As your advisor, we’ll put your needs above everything else and be with you every step of the way.